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Added 03/12/05
New Religious Blinkies on Page 13
New Zodiac Blinkies on Page 12
New Easter and St. Patrick's Day Blinkies on Page 13

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If you like crystal bracelets, check out the above site!

I am not taking Blinkie requests at this time. 

I do not take special request thru must go thru Delphi to have me make you a special blinkie.

If you want to link to my blinkies on your web site, please use either of these two blinkies below. A link is not necessary, but would be appreciated :)


Link to: 

I really only have one rule...

I wasn't too worried about this until recently, and I will be looking out for it now and I will be changing things around quite often, and renaming don't be surprised if you get a red X or a different blinkie in it's place. This includes direct linking on your person websites AND Weblogs or Diaries. 

If you do decide to steal my bandwidth and I catch it, your blinkie will be replaced with this or a similar blinkie:

It's up to you to do the right thing or not.

Bandwidth Stealing
Bandwidth & You

**Please note**  
I DO NOT take requests for my blinkies through email or my Guestbook. 
I will ONLY fill requests through the delphi forums.
Joining Delphi forums is *FREE* and is no more difficult to use than MSN Groups. 

These 2 Blinkies and the Direct Link ones are from

Check this sight out, there's a ton of great Blinkies there!!
I "borrowed" the new layout from there as of it anyways.

If you like crystal bracelets, check out the above site!


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